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Doctor Rachel is now practicing at

Mountain view
medical Centre



Dr delacretaz

Dr Rachel, as she goes by, has been practicing in Seton since 2018.  Due to unfortunate circumstances and in an attempt to ensure uninterrupted medical care for her patients, she temporarily relocated to the Cranston Family and Walk-In Clinic in April of 2021 but has since moved back to Mountain View Medical Centre in Seton.  Please read more about this here


She has had a long career in medicine, first as an x-ray technician and then as paramedic in Vancouver and Victoria. Her life long dream was to be a physician.


She attended the Northern Medical program  in Prince George (through UBC) and obtained her medical degree in 2014. She did her family practice residency in Calgary at the U of C.


Her special interests lie in preventative health,  contraception, mental health and chronic illness but welcomes anyone in need of a family doctor in south Calgary.  She is very excited to have joined Mountain View Medical Centre in Seton and is looking forward to practicing in SE Calgary for years to come.


achieve your goals through better health

Mountain View Medical Centre - Seton is a general family practice in south-east Calgary, focusing on all forms of primary healthcare, ranging from minor ailments and illnesses to  preventative medicine and complex-care management.

We offer same-day booking availability, but our family physicians focus on quality of life. In other words, we know your respiratory infection may be affecting your quality of life right now but we’re also thinking of you 5, 10 and even 15 years from now… what could affect you later in life? What are your risks? How do we keep you out of hospital and ER, not just now but in the future.

We believe in quality medical care with a logical, practical, and individual approach to each patient.. because no-one fits into a textbook definition of their particular illness. And although we know much more about the human body than Da Vinci did, like he and Hippocrates and countless others have, we always view the human body with awe, respect and intrigue, and treat patients as human beings rather than illnesses.

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