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Our preferences are that you phone or email us to make a booking. We will always attempt to schedule you in with your regular family doctor at our clinic; sometimes however, your regular doctor will be unavailable and we will make every effort to slot you in with one of our other doctors.

Please note that since we are a small but busy practice, the phones will not always be answered immediately. You can leave a voicemail message or send us an email.


All medical consults will be billed through the Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan. You won’t have to pay anything, unless we provide an uninsured service. These include:


Sick Note/Absence Confirmation $10

Blue Cross Form for Special Authorization $40

Disabled Parking Form $50

Short Term Disability Form $70

Long Term Disability Form $90

Drivers Medical Exam Under Age 74 $85

Drivers Forms for Medical Reasons $50

Other Simple Forms (eg. EI, Pregnancy, Tax Credit) $50

Insurance Attending Physician Statement Up to $250

All Third Party Medical Exams Including Form Up to $250

Third Party Letters Requested (including KeyFacts) Up to $200

Other Complex Forms Up to $50/page



Prescription Renewal via Phone or Fax $30

Botox Injections for Medical Conditions Please book a free consult

Cosmetic Botox Please book a free consult


Missed Booked Appointment (after 3 no-shows) $50

Non-insured Patients - Canadian $50 - $150

Non-insured Patients - Out of Country $100-$200


The above-mentioned prices are in keeping with the standard guidelines from Alberta Health and Wellness, and the Alberta Medical Association.


We accept cash, debit or credit cards. Please go to reception with your payment.




Our office requests that if an appointment needs to be cancelled that we receive notice no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment. We understand that from time to time, circumstances arise where you won’t be able to make the appointment on time, but we reserve the right to charge $50.00 for 3 “no show” appointments (ie. you didn’t arrive at your booked appointment three times), to be collected on or before the following appointment.


This form is for demographics only, to identify who you are. Our physicians or one of the medically-trained personnel such as a nurse will obtain your medical history/records, such as allergies and chronic medications. Your medical records and information are governed by a strict privacy policy, in accordance with Alberta Health and Wellness. If necessary, our physicians may access a secure medical website in Alberta called Netcare to obtain more medical information about you, eg. demographics , recent medications, lab results, X-ray results etc.


Our clinic respects your confidentiality and privacy. When you receive health services from our clinic, we will collect individually-identifying health information in accordance with the provisions of the Health Information Act (HIA). We will collect this health information directly from you, except in the limited circumstances where we are authorized under HIA to indirectly collect such information.

Our primary purpose in collecting your health information is to:

- Provide diagnostic, treatment and care services to you

- Determine or verify you eligibility for health services

- Bill the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan for our services.

Our clinic will only collect, use and disclose your health information in accordance with the provisions of the HIA. We will also protect your health information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure or destruction as per the privacy provisions of this legislation.

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