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Dear Patients


In January of 2021 we were made aware of financial challenges at my previous location, Seton Family Healthcare, and were informed that the clinic may have been closing in April. In part, the communication was as follows:


"Seton Family Healthcare clinic is facing serious financial challenges that may impact your health care services. After trying to work with RBC to come to an agreement, and resolve matters in a way that puts patients first, the bank is now forcing the clinic into bankruptcy proceedings."


Without knowing the eventual fate of the clinic and to ensure I was able to provide uninterrupted health care for my patients, I made the decision to relocate to the Cranston Family and Walk-In Clinic where I have been practicing the last several months.


After closing for a brief period, the old location is now Mountain View Medical Centre - Seton and is under new management. As the situation at the Seton location has now stabilized, I have made the decision to return to my original office of practice.


I will be joining the team at Mountain View Medical Centre - Seton, my previous and original location, in October. Your file will be transferred to the new/original location and there will be no cost to you or action required.

Thank you for your patience and understand during these trying times. 

Health and happiness,

Dr. Rachel Delacretaz.

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